Thursday, August 31, 2006


A meaningful, understandable, sensible, communicable mark makes an impression on the surface, a place, a mind, a body or any other material capable of containing it while being all those things it is contained on. Marks remain as those inscriptions decoded into visuals, both virtual and tactile conceptions of variable connotations ascribing themselves into an unbound metaphorical glimpses. These are sometime forgotten, misplaced, overlooked, misunderstood and devalued under various circumstances of human attempts in promoting, advancing and developing a unique understanding of existence. Marks are those instances which stand by themselves to evaluate and identify the being.

The infrastructure of recognition prevailing in the representational forms is thus given a rational understanding to declare and confess the surrendering of ones soul and spiritual existence. Be it life or non-life what we suppose as death, relates very much to the marks left behind- some to exist as memories and others as visual-tactile elements of identifications.

Again we enter into the system of logic and perceptual dialogues to loosen the tied ends of the imagined bonds, which is invariably attached to cognitive forces that lie deep beneath the layers of consciousness. This earthly manifestation of human existence is once evaluated with the relative intelligence of both human and supernatural/extraterrestrial concepts of existence. The discourses of mark making a human and in turn a human making a mark is brought back into a curious exercise and experimentation.

The mark exists between the swing of life and death and sometimes beyond. The perceptual elements are mended into visual thoughts, overlapping the conventional understanding of marks with those which are manipulated as ‘new’ and abstract representations. What lies beneath is more significant than what appears, while at the same time the significant is camouflaged with the fresh marks.

The excavation of the content is fulfilled with the enlightenment of the visible, without which the comparisons to identify the real get a bit obscure. It is to see what is unseen…it is to read what is not visible….it is to imagine what does not exist….it is to give form to what has happened but was never known. This is to establish a common ground with a single idea and to draw attention to all possible visual elements, where things exist with different and variable connotations.

Duppati Sudhir Kumar
Asmara, 2003/4

Shakti 80 X 80 Cms Acrylic on Canvas

Spirited soul, 60 X 80 Cms Acrylic on paper

"Adamton" Acrylic on Canvas 90 X 90 Cms

Stitches, 80X60 Cms, Acrylic on Canvas.
Clue, 80X60 Cms, Acrylic on Canvas.
Concieved, 30X20 Cms, Dry Pastels on Paper.
They, 15X10 Cms, Acrylic on Photoprint.
Hot, 15 X10 Cms, Acrylic on Photoprint.
Beauracratic, 28X28cms, Marker ink on Collage.
Untitled, 15X10 Cms, Acrylic on photoprint.

Untitled, 45X40 Cms, Dry and oil Pastels on paper.

Fragrance, 40X40 Cms, Acrylic and dry pastel on Paper.
The two strawberries that went to the gargage,
28X28 Cms, SB juice on paper.
Untitled, 28X28 Cms, Pen and ink on paper.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

'Old Testament', 28X28 Cms, Paper burnt.
Twins, 28X28 Cms, Paper Cut.
Identity, 28X28 Cms, Pen and Ink on Paper.
Evidence, 28X28 Cms, Burnt Paper.
Focused, 28X28 Cms, Burnt Paper.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thank You,28X28 Cms, Drawing on Collage.
Souled Shoes,28X22 Cms, Dry Pastels on Board.
Souled, 28X22 Cms, Acrylic on Board.
Escapeto, 28X22 Cms, Dry Pastels on Board.
UenME, 28X22 Cms, Dry Pastels on Board.
Escaped, 28X22 Cms, Charcoal on Board.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Wall,60X80 Cms, Acrylic on Canvas.
Sleeping Moon, 90X120 Cms, Acrylic on Canvas.
'Moondays', Acrylic on Canvas, 60X80 Cms
'Cargo Knowledge', Acrylic on Canvas, 60X80 Cms
'Noah's Arc', Acrylic on Board, 28X28 Cms.
'The Key', Acrylic on Board, 28X28Cms.
'Stitched', Acrylic on Board, 28X28 Cms.
'Spirited', Acrylic on Board, 28X28 Cms
'Horizons', Acrylic on Canvas, 90X120 Cms.
'J.S.Bach', Acrylic on Canvas, 90X120 Cms
'Bottoms', Acrylic on Canvas, 90X120 Cms.
'A Tear', Acrylic on Canvas, 60X80 Cms
'Beast-Feast', Acrylic on Canvas, 60X80 Cms.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

'DipDipDip', Acrylic on Canvas, 60X80 Cms.
'Confidence', Acrylic on Canvas, 90X100 Cms.
'Transcend', Acrylic on canvas, 60X80 Cms
'Carpeted', Acrylic on canvas, 60X80 Cms.